We are acutely mindful of the sensitivities of sourcing responsibly and the challenges posed by having a global supply chain focused on fast fashion. Our customers expect the latest looks from us, but with this, there is a duty to ensure our products are sourced and manufactured responsibly. This duty of care is led from the Board and is it something integral to our core values.

We have worked with many of our suppliers for a number of years and have created a relationship based on trust and expertise. The majority of our products are sourced from the UK and China, with a significant percentage manufactured in the UK.

We work closely with leading suppliers to ensure that they not only meet our quality expectations, but understand, meet and embrace the QUIZ culture. This means that we have ethical standards in places with our suppliers; ensuring that their workforce, working conditions, fabric sourcing and manufacturing processes are not just legally compliant, but also fair, responsible and sustainable.

You can review our modern slavery statement here.